What do you think about OCs who have a Pikachu as their starter or generally in their team?

Raichu is a million times better

IDK, Pikachu isn’t statistically OP or anything. I suppose some people might frown upon it because of Ash, but like… that’s dumb.

As long as you keep the rarity of finding one in the wild in mind (depending on where your OC lives), it’s fine.

These guys aren’t half bad! I liked a lot of the points they brought up, and they actually used information from the source material. However, there were a few pitfalls these “game theory” people seem to fall into a lot. ):

You’re over-thinking shit.

There are certain things in fictional stories you have to stop and say "it’s because it’s not real".

Things like "why can Team Rocket survive being electrocuted/blown up/etc???" BECAUSE IT’S FICTIONAL. Physical comedy is prevalent in many cartoons, Pokemon is no exception. They get shocked because it’s funny, they survive because they have to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ghost Pokemon were humans?!?!?!

Uh.. yeah? Ghost Pokemon are largely the Pokemon world’s version of ghosts. Ghost Pokemon are dead Pokemon, or dead humans. Some of them are possessed objects given life via strong emotions. It’s… not all that amazing really? I mean, who didn’t automatically assume this when they first saw them?

They also took a few things too literally. The Sinnoh myths are worded in very simplistic yet confusing ways, however it’s not that difficult to understand what they mean.

The Pokemon and Humans being the same thing, for instance, is probably meant to mean they were looked at as equals. It doesn’t mean Pokemon are Humans and Humans are Pokemon, like… come on. Way back when they didn’t distinguish Humans as trainers or anything, so back then a Pokemon was looked at the same way a Human would’ve been.

The one about a Pokemon shedding it’s skin to be a Human could also mean it was abandoning it’s wild nature to settle down and go live with humans in civilized society. Or, that it was using an ability like Transform or Illusion to go under the guise of a Human.

Considering how scientific most of their stuff is, it’s weird and slightly ironic that they took the Sinnoh Myths so… cut and dry. same with the Human-like Egg Group part, as we’ve previously discussed. They’re called Human-like ONLY because they’re bipedal and have functioning arms. It says so on Bulbapedia:

"Pokémon in this Egg Group, as the name implies, have similar characteristics to humans. They are fully bipedal, standing and walking on two legs. They also possess arms with which they could manipulate objects or deliver blows."

That’s all there is to it. Most of the Pokemon in that group are Psychic types, who have high IQs and henceforth would also have more Human-like reasoning and thinking skills.

Kadabra possibly being a human boy previously is also taken a bit out of context. They used the Fire Red dex entry, but the Emerald one says this:

It is rumored that a boy with psychic abilities suddenly transformed into Kadabra while he was assisting research into extrasensory powers.

Which makes a lot more sense.

Let’s be frank though, a lot of shit in the Pokedex doesn’t seem to actually relate to anything in the games or anime. If Spoink stops moving, it’ll die. Slugma will harden if they stop moving. Certain Pokemon are apparently poisonous to the touch, and yet they get hugged and everything just fine. Some fire types are said to have ridiculously high body temperatures, yet you can touch them and not melt.

You kind of have to take dex entries will a grain of salt, since a lot of them appear to be full of shit. D:

So yeah, I really don’t think Pokemon evolve into/from Humans or vice-versa. Psychic trainers and Aura Guardians aren’t a good basis of proof either. Practically all the Psychic trainers, save for big ones like Sabrina or Olympia, are very… flaky? Like, their psychic powers don’t go beyond making a Pokeball float. They’re quite bumbling actually. If anything, being with their Psychic Pokemon probably helps to amplify what bit of ability they have! D:

The existence of people with psychic abilities and stuff like that isn’t an indication of PokeHuman freak babies.

How many members on a PMD team would be too many? Only 3-4 would go on any given mission, but would it make sense for other main team members to hang back at their base depending on where they go? (I've got maybe 6 characters I want to use right now)

The general number appears to be 2-4. However, in the games you can have more than that to switch in and out, so honestly I think you could have a few more than 4 and it would be alright.

Would it be okay for an antagonist to have an over the top team (Dragonite, Milotic, a shiny, ect.) if they're a pokemon poacher/theif? Or for them to be pure ambition at the cost of sensibility by catching a banette that they purposefully created by hiding with a ton of quick and ultra balls as a starter? They're meant to be hate-able.

Uh… well… IDK really. There is a difference between genuinely unlikeable and just being an annoying shit. Giving them a typical, over compensating team leans more into annoying shit territory. If you want them to be hated, you need to project that with their personality more so than their Pokemon.

Most poachers in Pokemon aren’t very smart, I mean there are very few that actually seem to nab really amazing super special Pokemon. If they were going to steal strong Pokemon, they’d need to be strong already themselves?

I’m pretty sure you can’t make a Banette on purpose??? They come to life to get revenge on whoever abandons them, and I’d assume that would require a legitimate bond be there between them as a doll and the kid that had them. So yeah, don’t think it makes sense for them to make one.

I'm thinking about making a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team but I don't know if my lore is any good. This is a brief description of it, but if you could judge it, that would be awesome. So basically, there are these shadow pokemon who are basically shells of their former self. (Still trying to figure out a reason they're like this.) So, the Rescue Team Guilds are all grouping together, and recruiting more pokemon then normal to explore the caves they're coming from. Sorry if this is long, thanks.

Shadow Pokemon? You mean like… the ones from the Gamecube games? IDK how that concept would work without humans though.

Do you think it's alright for an OC not to have a backstory, just a personality and set of traits?

That’s… sort of impossible, lol. I mean, everyone has a backstory, it’s their history. History is important! If you don’t have that, then the character will be missing a lot of things.

If this is a main character, and not some one off character that will not appear again, you really do need to formulate some sort of life history.

So my OC has won a draw in a pokemon day care and got an egg that later hatched into a Phione. She doesn't usually have this sort of luck so this came as a surprise to her. Since there are arguments that Phione is a legendary, would it be alright if she has it or would it be too overpowered?

Phione is more or less not considered as a Legendary. I like to call it a babby Legendary, if anything.

They’re also breedable, and there are many of them in general, so honestly I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question for an OC to have one. They’re not even that strong, so they’re not OP in the slightest. D:

This is my first time really making an O.C., so I'm not really sure what to do. I know what NOT to do, but I've got a job and about half a team picked out so far and I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm not very interested in RPing so I'm wondering if an ask blog/ adventure blog on them would be okay? I don't really know if there's a precedent for it, but I think it would be the best way for the idea to turn out. I don't know, would it be self entitled, definitely ignored, or okay?

IDK, whenever I come up with an OC, they sort of… come to me? Like, the idea presents itself in my mind, and then I go “Hey, I should expand upon this!” and then BAM you’ve got over 100 characters like a big stupid loser. ):

I guess the key is to know when you’re thinking too hard. Certain aspects require you to think critically, but there are other things where you need to loosen up and have fun.

I think an adventure blog would be a nice idea! You could explore different ideas and stuff that way.

I find another thing that helps with Pokemon OCs is to think about the places and towns, or Pokemon themselves and ponder how the OC would react to them. Would they like Cerulean City? Do they hate swimming? Would they take forever to travel to Vermilion from there? Do they even like traveling? Any Pokemon on the way there they’d be distracted by in any way? Would they think Lt.Surge is cool or frightening? Are they collecting the badges at all? Do they live in Kanto? If not, where is a place that suits their needs?

It’s a good way to get into a large train of thought.

Sorry to bother >.< but... Would it be a bad idea to kinda change up the way a pokemon's personalites are portrayed? Like for example, small and cute pokemon are usually seen as sweet and kind, but if you were to make a small and cute pokemon that's a jerk and rude as an oc, would that be a stupid idea? Thank you.

Nah man, I like it when people go outside the typical natures. One of my trainer OCs has an evil Igglybuff, and another has an asshole Gardevoir, so I say go for it. uwu

Is there a way to give a OC pokemon trainer a legendary pokemon without sounding overpowered? I'm just curious if there's a way to do it without it sounding completely sueish. Thank you for your time.

I don’t really think so. Legendary Pokemon are called Legendary for a reason, right? They’re more likely than not going to be at least a little OP.

An OC could have one, yeah. However, you’d need to choose one that would make sense and give a very good story explaining how this works out.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend it. :/