Honestly, I think it kind of ignorant of you to say "I want to vomit all over these people". You may consider their art to be hatefully worthless garbage, but that doesn't give you the right to judge them as people, unless you have personally had more than one conversation with them and you hate them on that level too. Just because someone draws Gardevoir vaginas for a living doesn't make them a horrible person.

"Just because someone draws Gardevoir vaginas for a living doesn’t make them a horrible person."

I want this on a bumper sticker.

Speaking of Marowaks on the main blog: I had a pokemon (Nidoqueen) in a nuzlocke that wound up being a 'Marowak midwife' and made up something about Marowak having a high childbirth deathrate, which is what she was working against. I basically have no idea what a midwife does, though. What do you think about this?

Since Pokemon birth is kind of waffley at best, IDK how this would work out.

As for what midwives do though…

You know you said that the "Pokemon have genitals because they're animals" argument is stupid? Well your "Pokemon don't have genitals because they're magical creatures" argument is equally stupid.

Pokemon don’t have genitals because it’s a kids series and that would be inappropriate

I know, what a revolutionary concept

Do you believe a skiled artist drawing porn as one of their primaries is a waste of talent?

Uhhhh… sort of…

If you’re truly enjoying what you’re drawing, then it technically isn’t a waste.

To an outside observer though, it might be.

Arguably, you could say anything is a waste really. It’s a perspective thing.

Hey, LPA-Sama, do you think it would be okay for a fifteen year old to have a couple level 40 pokemon? I'm just wondering because I have an OC with two or three like that, and I was wondering if it was Sue-ish.

Age isn’t as important as how long they’ve been training, and how diligent they are at it. Judge it by that!

Hello there! I've been following your blog for a while (more than a year maybe 2?) and I really enjoy your attitude towards a lot of things! You're a chill dude :,D I do have a questions though. This one might seem a little silly but what do you think about Pokemon with different eye colours? Like blue eyes for Pikachu or green for Dragonair? Also, are you still up for Pokemon oc critiques? Thank you so much in advance! I hope I didn't bother you too much!

I’m so sorry, lol.

I think so long as the colour isn’t too mismatching, it’s fine! Most Pokemon have black eyes anyway (which is sorta boring), so a little colour change can help.

Yup, I still do them! uwu

So you know how Powersaves is a thing? And you can edit your pokemon to be shiny or have a different pokeball and stuff like that? What would you think if I made a computer programmer OC who found a way to create a program for the PC that edits the pokemon inside of it just like Powersaves? I'm thinking I might have them be a scientist in team rocket that's been working on a pokemon editing program for a while, and uses it to get rich but maybe gets found out in the process? IDK sounded cool

Hmm… it sounds plausible, at least! Since Team Rocket is into making money, manufacturing shiny Pokemon would probably be of interest to them.

You’d have to figure out if this editing would have a negative impact on the Pokemon though. I can’t see editing a living creature’s data to not have some sort of ramifications. ):

What are your overall thoughts on shippers?

… I thought that said slippers at first.

UHHH IDK really? Like, I’m not the shipping type of person generally. I don’t get all diehard about pairings and whatnot, so I personally don’t understand the big deal.

If you like two/etc characters together, then that’s great! It’s not really anything to go nuts over though? D:

Do you consider bad anatomy in porn fanart acceptable if the artist isn't actually trying to replicate reality and is more going for their own style? And I don't mean people who say "IT'S MY STYLE!!!!!!111eleven!!!" when they draw anatomically impossible body types, either.

Most of the time the IT’S MY STYLE thing is the go to excuse for when they’re met with critique, lol. ):

IDK, I think a small amount of deviating is fine, but when it’s just a clusterfuck of weird posturing and oversized body parts and generally a terrifying mess… no.

What is your opinion on futanari and the amount of overexposure in gets in many of these fandoms?

IDK, the idea of a girl with a penis isn’t bad in any way. I mean, there are plenty of ladies out there that have ‘em.

That said, it’s a little odd to me how popular futanari is, because it doesn’t appear to be all that analogous to real life.

Like, real life girl with a penis = EEW FREAKY

While giant dicked anime girl = UNNFFFHAWT